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  • Robust, durable upper structure and doors
  • Spacious, comfortable cab design with excellent visibility
  • Large attachments and options range for versatility
  • Intelligent, intuitive control system
  • Advanced hydraulic technology throughout



  • It’s more important than ever to save money and time so it’s just as well that JCB JS220 track excavators are designed to make the most of both.
  • Our Tier 4 compliant engine has a high power rating 172 hp (128 kW); yet, because it produces high torque at low revs, it’s very efficient.
  • A massive 34,845 lbf (155kn) bucket tearout makes our JS220 excavators up to 12% more productive than the closest competitive models, and the special JS range quickhitch system makes attachment changes fast and easy.
  • Simultaneous tracking and excavating is smooth and fast with an intuitive multi-function operation, and four operating work modes allow the JS220 20 ton excavator operator to tailor performance to any application. Auto, Economy, Precision and Lifting modes provide very different optimized settings.



  • We’ve designed JCB JS220 track excavators to be comfortable, safe, ergonomic, simple and intuitive to operate. Which is good for operators of 360 excavators but even better for you; after all, great ease of use equals great productivity.
  • Cushioned boom and dipperends prevent shock loadings, protect your machine and increase operator comfort, while 6 viscous rubber mounts minimize noise and vibration.
  • A 70/30 front windshield split for a clear view of the front right track, plus a large laminated glass roof window provide this 22 ton excavator with exceptional all-around visibility
  • To keep everything under control, JCB JS220 track excavators have a balanced slew and electronic/hydraulic controlled slew braking. Function switches are easy to reach and include the heater and climate control panels, while the side unit doubles as part of the immobilizer code selector.



  • Before you buy a track excavator, you need to know it's going to be tough enough to perform any job you ask of it. Fortunately, with a JCB JS220, strength and durability come standard.
  • We use Finite Element Analysis with extensive rig and endurance testing to make these 360 excavators last longer. A JCB JS220’s reinforced boom and dipper is made of high tensile strength steel, with single piecewrapper plates and internal baffle plates for long life durability.
  • The high-strength undercarriage of a JS220 22 ton excavator is of a fully-welded X-frame construction for long-term durability even in the most demanding applications, and the rigid upper frame provides maximum durability and support.
  • The turret on JS220 track excavators is then welded to both the upper and lower undercarriage frames. Stiff, durable doors provide further strength.



  • We’ve designed JCB JS220 tracked excavators to be low maintenance and easily serviceable. Which makes them affordable, efficient and highly productive.
  • Hoods open and close easily with gas-assisted cylinders, and the service bays are large and wide for good access. 1000-hour boom and dipper greasing intervals and a 5000-hour oil life provide maximum uptime on these 360 excavators. Grease points are centralized on a JS220 22 ton excavator too, for safe and easy access to high level pivots. Likewise filters (engine oil, hydraulic oil and fuel).
  • Because they’re mounted side by side, the JS220 tracked excavator’s engine radiator, hydraulic cooler and intercooler can be serviced individually and cleaned easily.


Quick Specs  
Maximum Bucket Capacity 1.77yd3 1.35m3
Maximum Dig Depth 22' 6750mm
Maximum Engine Power 173hp 129kW
Maximum Operating Weight 48,290lbs 21,904kg